Gas analyzers for industrial gas

ABB gas analyzers for captive industrial gas production

In some cases, gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, syngas and hydrogen are produced by industrial gases companies that are focused on these products. In other cases, the user of the industrial gas, such as a steel works, methanol plant, ammonia producer, oil refinery or chemicals plant will produce the industrial gases that they require for themselves. This is known as ‘captive production’ and takes place within the battery limits of the plant. In essence the same technologies are used to produce the industrial gases and the same gas analysis requirements exist. The only difference is that you are either making the gas for yourself, or buying it from an outsourced industrial gas provider.


Product List

Modular gas analyzer series where up to 4 analyzer modules can be integrated and connected to a common controller, measuring up to 6 gas components simultaneously

 EL3000 EL3000

Single box solution integrating up to two analyzer modules, offering a very high price-performance ratio for a wide range of process and emission applications



The specialist for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas with Ex-d protection and operation through-the-glass



Off-axis integrated-cavity-output-spectroscopy (ICOS) laser technology offering extraordinarily high sensitivity, fast response and over a wide dynamic range