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MS40 – ABB Magnetic level gauge switch


The K-TEK MS40 electric switch is a magnetically actuated double pole double throw switch. When the MS40 is mounted on a KM26 Magnetic liquid level indicator, LS Series Cage Level switch or an External Chamber that con-tains a K-TEK magnetic float, it can sense high or low levels within a vessel.


The unique magnetic coupling action eliminates the need for such things such as seals, diaphragms , springs, or torque tubes because there is no physical contact with the process. The magnetic coupling eliminates process connections to the switch and insures complete isolation from the process. No valves are required to block off the switch from the process to perform any maintenance or operational checks, and since the MS40 is isolated from the process, it does not need to be cleaned.


    • Unique Concept of Magnetic Coupling, Eliminating Direct Contact with Process
    • No Process Piping or Valves Required
    • Easy Mounting and Adjustment; Only Small Screwdriver Required
    • Trip Point Infinitely Adjustable without Changing Process Piping
    • DPDT Switch (NO or NC Contacts)
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Compact Design
    • Suitable for High Temperature Applications
    • Designed and Constructed to FM, UL, NEMA, and ANSI/ISA Guidelines

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