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FPD580 – ABB Stack gas flow metering system StackFlowMaster

FPD580The FPD580 range of stack gas flow metering solutions will, when combined with an appropriate ABB gas analyzer, form a complete CEMS package for the measurement of mass flowrate of pollutants into the environment.

StackFlowMaster is a dedicated stack gas flow measuring system based on the Torbar multi port self-averaging pitot flow meter. In most cases the probe is designed to measure across the complete diameter of the stack, but a partial-insertion option (spanning less than half the stack diameter) is available.

  • MCERTS approved
    – meets the requirements of EN 14181 & EN 15267-3
  • Manual and automatic versions
    – simple system for basic applications
    – optional meter purging (for solids contamination)
    – manual/automatic zero and span
  • Suitable for wide range of stack sizes and temperatures
    – for stacks from 1 to 8 metres (3.3 to 26.25 ft.) diameter
    – gas temperatures up to 1200 °C (2192 °F)
  • Optional end supports for larger stacks
    – flanged fitting on both sides of the stack
    – improves mechanical stability; prevents probe resonance
    – optional bayonet lock reduces risk of distortion of the probe
  • Optional partial-insertion design for larger stacks
    – lower cost / weight option for easier handling
    – usually requires pre-investigation of stack flow velocity profile

Catalog and Questionnaire List

DS_FPD580-EN_B.pdfData sheet – StackFlowMaster FPD581, FPD583 and FPD585. Stack gas metering systems