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KCAP400 RF – Capacitance Level Transmitter

KCAP300The KCAP400™ is a dual setpoint and pump control capacitance switch used in bulk solids and liquid applications. Applications include, but are not limited to, plugged chute detection, fly ash hopper level, interface, slurries, conductive products and high or low level alarm.


  • Liquids and Bulk Solids
  • Integral and Remote Electronics Available
  • Easy Set Up Via External Magnet or Pushbuttons
  • Housing with Glass Viewing Cover
  • Wide Variety of 2-Element Sensing Probes Available (450ºF / 3000 psig)
  • Field Selectable Modes of Operation:
    • Single Set Point (Horizontal or Vertical Installations)
    • Dual Set Point (Vertical Installations Only)
    • Pump Control (Vertical Installations Only)
  • Element Sensitivity Down to 1.5 pF


  • 316L SS enclosure
  • External “Alarm” Indicating Lamp
  • Custom Insertion Lengths to 1800 in / 45720 mm
  • Industry Standard Bulk Solids Mounting Plate
  • Process Connections: 3/4”NPT, 1 1/4”NPT, 1 1/2”NPT and Custom Flanges

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