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KCAP300 RF – ABB Capacitance Level Transmitter

KCAP300The KCAP300™ RF capacitance switch is available with KSHIELD™ sensing probes and single setpoint electronics. The KCAP300™ is used in bulk solids, such as pellets, granules, powders, slurries, flow / no flow, conductive products and interface.


  • Liquids and Bulk Solids
  • KSHIELD™ Sensing Probes and Single Setpoint
  • Electronics that Provide Immunity to Buildup
  • Integral and Remote Electronics
  • Easy Set Up Via External Magnet or Pushbuttons
  • Housing with Glass Viewing Cover
  • Wide Variety of Sensing Probes to (450ºF / 800 psig)
  • Single Point Detection
  • Single Touch Initialization
  • Element Sensitivity Down to 0.5 pF


  • 316L SS Enclosure
  • External “Alarm” Indicating Lamp
  • Tip Extended Extensions to 60 in / 1524 mm
  • Pipe Extensions to 240 in / 6096 mm
  • Industry Standard Bulk Solids Mounting Plate
  • Process Connections: 3/4”NPT, 1 1/4”NPT, and Custom Flanges

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