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266JSH – Multivariable transmitter

The multivariable transmitter 266JSH is able, thanks to multisensor technology, to measure differential pressure, absolute pressure and temperature of liquid, vapour and gas. Temperature is measured 9IBA174291_400x400via an external RTD.


In addition to high precision, the multivariable 266 also offers the advantage that only a single device needs to be used for the measuring point instead of several transmitters which reduces purchase and installation cost and increases reliability due to fewer devices and less wiring.
  • Base accuracy: ± 0.075 %
  • Reduced process penetrations save money and reduce the risk of leakage
  • High static working pressure option (41 MPa, 6000 psi) for power plants, pipelines or oil and gas production
  • True draft range (down to 0.05 kPa, 0.2 inH2O) transmitter
  • Local operation with LCD with TTG (Through The Glass) technology without the need of opening the housing
  • Detection of plugged impulse lines
  • Exchangeable electronics with automatic configuration capability

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