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TSP100, TSP111, TSP121, TSP131 – ABB Temperature sensor SensyTemp

SensyTemp TSP100 series sensors allow for measuring inset replacement during operation. With their short response time and high vibration resistance these devices meet the most demanding process requirements.

  • TSP111 without thermowell
    – Insertion in an existing thermowell
  • TSP121 with welded tubular thermowell
    – Screw-in thread, flange, compression fitting
  • TSP131 with drilled thermowell
    – Screw-in thread, flange, weld-in socket


  • Modular design equals flexible
    – Thermowell, extension tube, connection head, transmitter
    – Exchangeable measuring inset TSA101
  • Connection heads
    – BUZ: Aluminum, with hinged cover
    – BUZH: Aluminum, with upper hinged cover
    – BUZHD: Aluminum, with upper hinged cover and LCD indicator type AS
    – BUKH: Plastic, with upper hinged cover
    – Other heads in various designs and materials
  • Transmitter in connection head
    – 4 to 20 mA, HART
    – PROFIBUS PA 3.01
    – FOUNDATION Fieldbus ITK 5.2
  • Suited to explosion protection, intrinsic safety

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