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MS41 – ABB Magnetic level gauge

MS41The K-TEK MS41 electric switch is a magnetically actuated double pole double throw switch. When the MS41 is mounted on a KM26, LS Series, or an External Chamber that contains a K-TEK magnetic float, it can sense a high or low level within a vessel.


 The unique magnetic coupling action eliminates the need for seals, diaphragm springs, or torque tubes because there is no physical contact with the process. The switch configuration also has no process connections which insures complete isolation from the process. The maintenance free design requires no periodic cleaning or operational checks and contains hermetically sealed contacts that insure high reliability and extended product life.


    • Hermetically Sealed DPDT Switch
    • NEMA 4X Sealed 316L Stainless Steel Enclosure
    • Separate Terminal Compartment Eliminates Corrosion Potential
    • Easy Mounting and Adjustment – Only Screwdriver Required
    • Trip Point Infinitely Adjustable Without Changing Process Piping
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Compact Design
    • Process Temperatures from –320 to 850°F / -195 to 454°C

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