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266DRH – ABB Differential pressure transmitter with remote diaphragm seal

ABB Model 266DRH is a differential pressure transmitter suitable for measuring liquid, gas or steam flow as well as level, pressure and density characterized by the remote seal construction.9IBA186617_400x400


Thanks to the “All-Welded” technology inherited by Taylor in remote seal design and manufacturing, 266DRH can offer unmatched total performance and a wide selection of options such as fill fluid, diaphragm material, capillary protection and mounting connections. ABB, leader in severe process measurements, is able to provide the right solution for the most critical process media at extreme ambient and process conditions. The long-term stability and its proven reliability make of 266DRH the best application solution for differential pressure measurements.
Replacement plug & play electronics with auto configuration capability help in reducing maintenance time and costs. The Easy Set-up menu provides configuration and zero trim in minutes without the need of an expensive communicator.
SIL2/SIL3 certification issued by TÜV Nord according to IEC 61508 represents another key-feature within 266 pressure transmitter portfolio. This certification is a real guarantee of protection and makes of 266DRH the smartest fit in Safety-critical loops.

266DRH features WirelessHART communication protocol allowing a shorter installation times by eliminating complex wired infrastructures, and lower overall implementation costs of process measurement.
266DRH battery life is about 10 years at 32 sec. update rates, delivering a very cost effective and reliable solution to monitor your process assets.


266DRH: smartness beyond performances.

– Base accuracy : from ±0.06%
– Span limits: 4 to 16000kPa; 16inH2O to 2000psi
– Multiple protocol availability – provides integration with HART®, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and WirelessHART platforms offering interchangeability and transmitter upgrade capabilities
– Full compliance with PED Category III


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