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TSW400 – ABB Thermowell

9IBA172643_400x400Solid drilled thermowells to satisfy the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. The TSW400 has been designed around the ASME PTC 19.3 2010-TW standard for thermowell stress calculation. Fully compliant with the requirements of this most demanding industry and ASME standards. This product provides you with total confidence in a solution that is Safe, Tough and Reliable.
  • Solid drilled thermowell
  • Flanged and screwed designs
  • To suit ASME PTC19.3 2010-TW
  • Sized to the millimetre (40 thousands of an inch)


  • Engineered to international standards
    – ISO19001:2000
  • Manufactured with full material control
    – 3.1 certification
    – Traceability to producing mill
    – X-Ray PMI available
  • Documented to Oil & Gas industry standards
    – Documents compiled on electronic media
    – Material certification
    – Welding certification
  • Applications
    – Oil & Gas downstream
    – Oil & Gas upstream
    – Arduous applications requiring high specification

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DS_TSW400-EN_A.pdfData sheet – TSW400 series Thermowells