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FPD550 – ABB Compact averaging pitot flowmeter PitoMaster

FPD550PitoMaster is a Compact Averaging Pitot Flowmeter that combines a threaded or flanged-mounted insertion meter,an integral 3- or 5-valve manifold and a transmitter into a single, fully-codable insertion flowmeter.

PitotMaster FPD550 joins OriMaster, WedgeMaster and IOMaster to form the new compact DP family.

It utilizes ABB’s new 266 series DP and multivariable transmitters, all of which have optional Through The Glass technology, offering meter configuration without the need to remove the transmitter cover.  In addition there is the option of an alloy or stainless steel body. Being an insertion meter, PitoMaster FPD550 offers easy installation into existing pipelines, together with very low overall pressure losses.

  • Low operating costs with small carbon footprint
    – PitoMaster’s low profile design creates minimal pressure losses, giving genuine savings in pumping/compression costs, with consequent reductions in energy usage and hence in CO2 emissions.
  • Economical metering in larger pipe sizes
    – Low rate of cost increase with increasing pipe size provides metering at a low purchase cost for larger pipe sizes.
  • Large flow turndown means increased usability

    – Unique profiled flats on probe define flow separation point, giving more constant flow coefficient at high velocities and a wide range of flow measurement (turndown).

  • Low cost, easy installation into existing pipelines

    – Simple one- or two hole installation with mounting adapters supplied.
    – No need to cut pipe and weld in flanges.


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