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FEH500 – ABB Electromagnetic flowmeter HygienicMaster

FEH300The HygienicMaster FEH500 enhanced version is designed specifically for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical  and biotechnical industries. Manufactured from FDA approved materials and certified in accordance with 3-A. Available as integral mount design or remote mount design system.


The stainless steel exterior, the variable process connection, the advanced signal processing and the state-of-the-art data storage provide a complete and cost effective flow solution.
HygienicMaster FEH500 is a versatile, reasonably priced, most accurate flow meter tailored for all process industry applications. A flowmeter with extended functionality and options, short delivery and a simple and clearly understandable documentation.

  • Intuitive and simple configuration
    – Through glass configuration eliminating the need to remove the cover and reducing commissioning time
    – Soft key based functionality
    – “Easy Set-up” function
  • State-of-the-art memory technology
    – Data storage enables transmitter exchange without the need for reconfiguration
  • Diagnostics for real-life-situations
    – Status messages in accordance with NAMUR
    – Help texts in LCD display
  • Extended diagnostic and monitoring functions
    – Electrode coating detection
    – Gas bubble detection
    – Conductivity and sensor temperature monitoring
    – Grounding verification
  • ScanMaster in situ verification software option
    – Allows the customer to perform in situ verification of the flowmeter and the plant

General specifications:  

  • Measuring value error
    – Standard 0.4 % of rate, optional 0.2 % of rate
  • Nominal diameter
    – DN 1 to 100 (1/25 to 4 in.)
  • Process connection
    – Wafer type design
    – Flange in accordance with DIN 2501 / EN 1092-1, ASME B16.5 / B16.47, JIS
    – Threaded pipe connection in accordance with DIN 11851
    – Weld stubs
    – Tri-Clamp in accordance with DIN 32676, ASME BPE
    – External thread in accordance with ISO 228 / DIN 2999
  • Lining
    – PFA (vacuum tight)
  • Process connection material
    – Flange: stainless steel
    – Variable process connections: 1.4404
  • Communication
  • Explosion protection approvals
  • Certificates
    – 3-A, FDA-approved material

Special features:  

  • Batch functionality
    – Presetting counter, overrun correction, external start / stop, batch end contact

Catalog and Questionnaire List

DS_FEP610_EN_A.pdfData sheet – HygienicMaster FEH500 | Electromagnetic flowmeter