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FPD150 orifice plates for flow measurement

Flow measurement plates to fit between RF, FF or RTJ flanges. Available as Concentric (square edged, conical entrance and quarter circle profile) or Eccentric (eccentric and segmental profile) 9IBA191358_400x400designs to measure the flow of clean or contaminated liquids, gases or steam.


The FPD150 is a range of flow measurement orifice plates, some of which are available on next day delivery if required, are available with a variety of profiles to handle a wide range of applications, from clean fluids and low viscosity liquids through to dirty fluids or high viscosity liquids. They are usually supplied with a data tab welded to (or integral with) the circumference. On this tab can be engraved information such as the Tag Number and orifice plate bore, all of which are visible without removing the plate from the line.


Orifice Plate designs:
– Concentric Square Edge Orifice Plate for clean liquids/gases/steam
– Quarter Circle Orifice Plate for viscous fluids
– Conical Entrance Orifice Plate for viscous fluids
– Eccentric Orifice Plate for dirty fluids
– Segmental Orifice Plate for dirty fluids
– Orifice Plate in holder to fit between RTJ pipe flanges

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