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FPD801 SolveDP sizing and coding software

SolveDP enables the sizing and coding of the ABB range of DP flow elements and flowmeters.  The automatic software updates mean that, with an internet connection, your software is never out of 9IBA225177_400x400date.


SolveDP enables the sizing of ABB’s entire DP product portfolio using a single software package. In addition to sizing, the software has the capability to generate ordering codes.  It is licensed software but the cost of a licence is yet to be released.
Using the licence key supplied and a live internet connection, it also automatically regularly checks for software updates, ensuring that the user’s version of the software is always up-to-date.


  • Produces a sizing calculation & model code for any/all ABB DP Flow devices
    – drawing showing key dimensions also available
  • Includes auto-updating functionality (via internet connection)
    – enables users to benefit quickly from software updates
    – new products are added as soon as released
  • Built-in user guide
    – view in-program or print for reference
  • Sizing records saved in and recalled from a single project file
    – Other project documents (for example PDF, XLSX, DOCX, DWG etc.) can be imported into the file
  • Export/Import of sizing and configuration data in spreadsheet format
    – enables addition of new tags and editing of existing tags outside the software, using MS Excel™ format
    – simplifies management of projects involving multiple DP flow elements/tag numbers

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