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266 Modbus® – Multivariable transmitter

The 266 Modbus® multivariable transmitter is the most accurate multivariable ABB has ever produced. This device allows you to replace up to 3 individual sensors with 1 Modbus®



Reliably providing the most accurate measurement of DP, SP, temperature, and diagnostics every single second

The 266 Modbus® multivariable provides precise and reliable measurement of differential pressure, static pressure, temperature (from an external RTD) and diagnostic information once every second, to flow computers and RTUs. Individual device Modbus® addresses can easily be configured using the optional keypad/display or using the XMV Interface application in ABB’s Totalflow flow computers or RTUs. This application creates a “plug and play” interface to the multivariable sensor and indicates any active alarms that may be present in easily understood text. The combination of ABB’s Totalflow flow computer or RTU and one or more ABB 266 Modbus® multivariables makes an ideal solution when multi-tube measurement is required and/ or when the transmitters must be located in a Class I, Division 1 hazardous location.

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