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With ABB’s knowledge about flow measurement and management, you have access to over 100 years of flow measurement and control experience to help you save cost and 9IBA195751_400x400increase profits.

The operation of such systems requires a high degree of automation. With the assistance
of process technology the control of the procedures can be optimized and personnel
requirements minimized. The process control technology assures that process
cycles are documented so that the quality of the product is always traceable.
The most important prerequisite for automation is knowledge of the actual process parameters,
which can be ascertained utilizing measurement instruments. If the actions
dependent on the measurements are to be realized then the specifications must naturally
be qualitatively high.

Therefore, the measurement instrument requires:
• high accuracy
• easily understandable functionality
• easy operation and maintenance
• testability even without a test bench
• self monitoring
• error signalling / self-diagnostics
• communication ability


Product List
Coriolis Mass Flowmeters
Electromagnetic Flowmeters
Differential pressure Flowmeters
Variable area flowmeters