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The multiplicity of pressure transmitters and application capabilities from ABB allow you to standardize transmitter installations – plant-wide.9IBA174292_400x400

A pressure transmitter like the ABB 2600T series can be used to measure various forms of pressure. It can be used to measure gauge pressure (barg, psig), absolute pressure (bara, psia), or vacuum pressure (cm or inches H20 vacuum).


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Absolute pressure transmitter Absolute pressure is a single pressure measurement with a reference to a full, or perfect vacuum. Absolute pressure is the measurement of the process pressure in excess of full vacuum or 0 psia. Zero absolute pressure (0 psia) represents a total lack of pressure- For example, space is considered to be a full vacuum.
Differential pressure transmitters Differential pressure is the difference in magnitude between some pressure value and a reference pressure. In a sense,absolute pressure can also be considered a differential pressure, with full vacuum or zero absolute as the reference pressure. Gauge pressure too can be considered a differential pressure, since in gauge pressure the atmospheric pressure is the reference pressure.
Gauge Pressure transmitters Gauge pressure is a single pressure measurement that indicates the pressure above atmosphere. Gauge pressure represents the positive difference between measured pressure and existing atmospheric pressure. You can convert gauge pressure to absolute pressure by adding the actual atmospheric pressure value to the gauge pressure reading. For example 10 psig is equivalent to 24-7 psia 0 psig is equivalent to 14.7 psia.
Multivariable transmitter Measures and calculates the mass flow as a function of differential pressure DP as well as absolute pressure and the temperature. Therefore it should be used whenever DP flow measurement needs a compensation of temperature and pressure. The main advantage is to have just one single device in the field instead of several transmitters and a mass flow calculator